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Product type: Harness

Vendor: K9 Outdoor Sports & Fat Bike Shop

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A collar alternative that means no more painful pulling from the neck!

The Half Harness/Line Harness by Non-Stop Dogwear is ideal for everyday use, but it is also great for hiking, tracking, and Canicross! It features high-quality padding that does not wear out or rub your dog’s body or neck. Fully-adjustable, the harness is easy to get on and off because there are buckles on each side and can fit your dog perfectly and comfortably. That said, your dog can’t back out of the harness on their own, offering more control than a collar to owners who need it. Reflectors provide excellent visibility and safety in the dark, and attachments on the top and bottom provide greater flexibility for owners who train their dogs to track.

This harness is GREAT for:

    • Anyone who owns a dog (and doesn’t want to injure the dog’s neck!)
    • Those who need more control of their dog when they go out for a walk
    • Those who own an older dog and need a harness that is easy to take on and off
  • To choose the right harness size, measure your dog at the base of the neck (widest part of the neck - see picture). If you are not sure which size to choose, please contact us, we are here to help.

    2 12"
    3 13 3/8"
    4 15 3/4"
    5 18 1/8"
    6 20 1/2"
    7 22 3/4"
    8 25 1/4"