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The design of the harness prevents it from twisting and sliding to the side. Wide straps allow for better distribution of pulling force. The design directs all pulling force to the dog's shoulders and chest (keeping it away from the neck) it hugs the dog's body without restricting lung capacity or movement, it allows free movement of the legs and the back of the animal. The harness is lightweight It is made from non-absorbent materials and therefore frost resistant.The harness has integrated hi-viz reflector strips on both sides. There is also reflective tread on the harness.

This harness was tested in high-level competitions, it fulfills all the conditions for the distribution of the maximum tensile force, does not slip, allowing free movement of the back and had no contact with the neck of the dog and enables free breathing.

A great harness for running dogs, popular with dog scootering, bikejoring, skijoring and canicross. 

This harness is used by many competitors around the world, this harness is not suitable for Molossoid type dog. 

It is machine washable up to 40°C. Do not machine dry it.

There are a few videos on youtube on How to measure your dog

Don't take the measurement where the yellow arrow is.

Harness zero dc

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