Kids canicross belt from Winterson Sports




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Product type: Belt

Vendor: K9 Outdoor Sports

Tags: cani-walk, canicross, running, Winterson Sports


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Canicross belt for the kid. 

This is a dual traction belt that allows the traction to be evenly distributed for more stability. 

This belt is for a kid. The dog should always be attached with a bungee line to an adult and the kid could have also a bungee line attach to the dog.

This canicross belt gives support in the right area. The tension is distributed at the waist level as opposed to higher part of the waist and lower back. The traction is distributed on the muscle of the bum area. The mesh section on the inside has good grip and prevents the belt from sliding and moving when running. The adjustable legs straps prevent the belt from sliding up into the lower back. This belt is recommended for canicross, cani-walk 


  • easily adjustable
  • 3 points adjustment
  • dual traction belt
  • 1 ring in front to attach the bungee line
  • 2 adjustable leg straps
  • maximum waist size approx. 97cm
  • padded belt