Canicross Line/Leash with Bungee by Howling Dog Alaska

Canicross Line/Leash with Bungee by Howling Dog Alaska




Collections: Canicross - Cani-Walk - Cani-Trekking

Product type: Lines

Vendor: K9 Outdoor Sports

Tags: cani-walk, canicross, line, running


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This line is fitted with a bungee and is ideal for canicross, cani-walk, cani-trekking and for walking dogs which are pulling.

This line is made out of customized, eye-catching Howling Dog webbing. The built-in bungee will help to absorb shocks from your dog unexpectedly "jerking" you around. Your arm will definitely thank you for it! The leash is made out of one-inch wide tubular webbing. It features a strong bronze snap.

This line with Bungee will make an ideal canicross line. The end of the leash can be held in hand or it can be looped through the ring on a belt. Some belts include a hook and this is an ideal leash/line to hook to such belt.

The shock absorber for this product is made for (25-30 lbs or higher) medium size dog or larger. For the lighter dog, we have a leash bungee from Zero DC.


168 cm (66 inches) unstretched
220 cm (87 inches) stretch

Colors: Red & black

  • Manufactured by: Howling Dog Enterprises, LLC