Running Line by Non-stop dogwear (2.0 meter and 2.8 meter)




Collections: Bikejoring, Canicross - Cani-Walk - Cani-Trekking, Skijoring

Product type: Lines

Vendor: K9 Outdoor Sports

Tags: bikejoring, cani-walk, canicross, dog scootering, kicksledding, line, non-stop, nonstop, running, skijoring, trekking


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The 2.0 meter (6.7 feet) stretched. Running Line by Non-stop dogwear is the leading professional line used for canicross and agility events around the world.

The 2.8-meter (9.2-feet) stretched. Running Line by Non-Stop dogwear is the first-choice of professional skijøring, bikejøring, dog scootering around the world.
    Those lines are designed to be used by one dog. Special webbing promotes smooth, fluid movement, which is gentle on your and your dog’s backs and protects from the painful shocks of fast starts and hard pulling. Non-stop dogwear running lines include large hand-holds so they can double as leashes. Running Lines may be used alone but are designed to attach to Non-stop running belt, trekking belt or comfort belt. For agility and every day use, this is a fantastic training line. Manufactured in the European Union from the highest quality materials in accordance with professional racing guidelines.